An Opportunity

Having been born with Cerebral Palsy I have been introduce to the world of Wheelchair Racing and have found my ability in my disability.

I have always loved sports but was often left out or excluded from sports and activities. I was thrilled when Paralympian Rheed McCracken let me have a go in his Racing chair that he competed at the London Paralympics in. Over several months I had more and more opportunities to use Rheed’s chair until I eventually got my own.

My first competition was the Summer Down Under event in Canberra and Sydney.  It was very scary being amongst many other wheelchair racers and at 13 I was not ready to come out of my shell. It was not long before another Junior Sam Rizzo came over and introduced himself and then took me over to meet other juniors. That night was a big turning point and I felt accepted not only by other wheelchair racers but into the world in general as nobody was looking at me differently and judging my disability.


World Junior Championships

Competing in local, State and National events I realised that this was a sport I could do well in. in 2018 when I made the Australian Junior Team a big goal had been achieved to represent Australia. We traveled over to Switzerland for the World Junior Para Athletic Championships. Unfortunatly my chair was not as enthusiastic as me and did not arrive in Switzerland. For 3 days I had to watch everybody else aclimatise and train before eventually my chair arrived.  It was an amazing competition and bringing home 2 Bronze medals and a Silver was icing on the cake.

Future Goals

I am training hard for the 2019 Junior World Championships as Australia are taking only a small team and I want to really work hard to acheive good qualifying times. To do this I must travel from my home town of Bundaberg to Canberra, Sydney and other sanctioned events.

My ultimate goal is to make the Australian Paralympic Team.



Just returned from the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra where the High Performance Squad had a training camp. Its great to catch up with the other athletes as i am so far away from everybody.  Coach and I took a lot of valuable information away from the camp and now its time to put …


Home Town Bundaberg